About Our Hands-on WFR Recertification Courses

This Wilderness First Responder recertification course is delivered in a hybrid format, with an online component, a practical training component, and a final assessment.

Part One: Online Learning 

Once you sign up, you can get started right away. All lectures are video-based and the course can be taken at your own pace as long as you finish by the deadline. Review as many times as necessary. 

Part Two: Practical Training

The practical training focuses on the hands-on skills necessary to gain certification and is coordinated by a Base Medical Certified Instructor.

Part Three: Final Assessment

The Final Assessment is conducted online after the practical training and includes the final exam. The final exam must be passed with an 80% or higher. 

Base Medical Certified Instructors

Our Base Medical Certified Instructors host a hybrid course and coordinate the practical training independently of Base Medical.

Below are the hybrid courses coordinated by a Base Medical Certified Instructor open for public enrollment. 

Clicking on a course below may navigate you away from the Base Medical site to the instructor's site for Initial course registration, course payment, and course access.

For questions, please email Base Medical Course Administration at admin@base-medical.com

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WFR Recertification with Practical Training Verification

Hands-on WFR Recert Alternative

Can't find a hands-on WFR recertification course convenient for you? We have an alternative option called WFR Recertification with Practical Training Verification.