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A hands-on WFR recertification is the preferred way to recertify your WFR certification, but we understand that this is not always possible. Hands-on WFR recert courses can be found here.

The WFR Recertification with Practical Training Verification is the alternative to a hands-on WFR recertification course. This alternative option allows a WFR student to review WFR level knowledge in our online course and use a WFA course as hands-on training. 

Signing up for a WFA course is the WFR student's responsibility. The WFA course does NOT need to be a Base Medical course. If you do sign up for a Base Medical WFA course, then alert your instructor that you are a WFR student recertifying through Practical Training Verification. 

Three Steps to WFR Recertification

Full step-by-step instructions are provided upon course enrollment.

  • Submit proof of your previous WFR certification. Base Medical honors a 1 year grace period for expired WFR certifications..

  • Complete the online course and pass the final exam with an 80% or higher.

  • Submit the Practical Training Verification form signed by the WFA instructor with proof of purchase attached.

The online course does not have to be completed before attending WFA hands-on training, however, it is preferred. A Base Medical wilderness first responder certification is good for 2 years. Your next recertification will qualify for 100% online recertification through Base Medical. 

Base Medical implements an alternating cycle of hands-on recertification to online recertification. This alternating cycle requirement means that students must participate in hands-on training every other recertification cycle. Hybrid courses, like this one, counts as hands-on training participation. 

Please note that your certification is only valid with a current CPR certification. A CPR certification is NOT required to take this course.

Recert with Practical Training Verification

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