In this course you will...

  • Refresh core wilderness medical knowledge and skills at the WEMT level

  • Learn about the latest updates in wilderness medicine guidelines from the Wilderness Medicine Society

  • Strengthen your critical thinking skills and medical knowledge

  • Learn how to stabilize and maintain a patient over a long period of time in the backcountry

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Here you can upgrade your wilderness first responder certification to WEMT completely online at your own pace. This will save you time and money while also allowing you to review each topic to its fullest. By the end of this course you will have your recertification and you will be a much more knowledgeable wilderness medical provider.

Who is this course for?

This course is for those who have a WFR certification and an EMT license. Take this course to gain your WEMT completely online at your own pace!

Time Limit for this course:  Self Paced

The only time limit for this course, is that you must take the final exam before your certification or grace period expires.  After that, you will still have access to the course and to any new lectures or updates for the duration of your certification (2 years). This will allow you to always be in the know about the latest in wilderness medicine.

What is included in this course: 

This WEMT focuses heavily on the critical thinking needed when caring for a patient in the wilderness. Our curriculum is at the EMT level, unlike most other traditional recert courses that are at the WFR level only.


Recertification is only valid with current NREMT EMT License, CPR certification and proof of previous WFR certification. This recerts the "W" of your WEMT, you are still responsible for renewing your NREMT EMT License. At this moment, our course can not be applied to NREMT for continuing education credits. However, that will change very soon!

My cert expired. Do you have a grace period?

Yes, we do! For wilderness first responder it's 1 year.

For more information and course policies please see our FAQ page.

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