About this course

Caring for the ultramarathon athlete has its own unique concerns and challenges that are not commonly seen or taught to medical providers. This course will teach you what you need to know to deliver the most appropriate medical care on race day. 

The Ultramarathon Medical Care course is perfect for medical providers, educated athletes, race directors, and coaches. 

Ultramarathon Medical Care is brought to you by the Ultra-endurance Science and Medicine and the Ultra Medical Team and is presented by Dr. Marty Hoffman and paramedic Nick Nudell. 

Please note that the program was initially prepared in early 2016, and is based upon information that was available at that time.  We have performed some minor updates, and if the interest in these training videos is high, we will periodically update and expand on the information provided here.

Course Duration

3 Hours; Entirely Self-Paced

Access Duration

90 days


Included Topics

  • Most Common Ultramarathon Medical Problems

  • Exercise-Associated Hyponatremia

  • Life Threatening Ultramarathon Medical Issues

  • Post-Race Concerns

  • And more

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About the Presenters

Marty Hoffman, MD, FACSM

Marty is among the relatively small group of individuals who have sustained ultramarathon running for over 30 years. He has had modest success as a runner with the occasional victory, including winning the Grand Master division at the 2008 USATF National 100 Mile Trail Championship. For a decade, he focused on cross-country ski racing, and was a multiple time top-200 (“Elite Wave”) finisher at the American Birkebeiner. But, he derives greater personal satisfaction from generating new knowledge that may benefit others, particularly those who enjoy exploring their limits. In this regard, he has published more than 150 original scientific papers and is frequently invited to share this information around the world.

Nick Nudell, MS, NRP, FACPE

Nick has been a paramedic for many years working on building equitable and sustainable emergency care systems in rural and remote areas. Although he is not a particularly gifted athlete, that has not stopped him from attempting a number of challenging mountainous 50 and 100 mile races in addition to single and multi-day solo fastpack efforts. Through the Ultra Medical Team, he has directed medical operations for more than 50 races (from trail marathons to 200 mile trail races) in North America and has led a team of more than 100 dedicated volunteers.

Course Development

This course is hosted on the Base Medical site but was not created by Base Medical. Base Medical agrees with the content of this course and feels it is valuable for the outdoor community. If you have an outdoor safety or wilderness medicine related course that you would like to have on the Base Medical site, please contact us at admin@base-medical.com.