About this course

Broken bones, sprains, and strains are common injuries in the wilderness. Sure, most are minor in nature, but a bad ankle a few miles out on the trail can turn into a very long day. And then there are those serious, life-threatening fractures. Treatment and the right splinting technique can truly save a life.

You will be done with this mini-course and more prepared in no time!

This course is an excerpt from the full OUTDOOR SAFETY online course. This information is also a part of our online wilderness medicine recertification program, but it's more in-depth as it is at the WFA, WFR, and WEMT level.

In this course you will learn...

  • Basic and specialized splinting techniques

  • How to make a splint with the equipment you have available

  • How to treat specific injuries like the wrist, elbow, knee, etc.

  • How to recognize when an injury is serious and needs emergency evacuation

  • How to treat life threatening fractures

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