About This Course

Skills for saving your bacon on glacier based adventures

Heading out on a glacier soon? Crevasse Rescue skills are critical to competent climbers and skiers. Like a seatbelt, you hope to not use it ever, but if the caca hits the fan, you better be ready. If you are hungry to learn these skills, updated for the 2020 climber and skier, look no further. This course draws on years of expedition experience, training through the American Mountain Guide Association, and expert mountain guides to create this uniquely progressive online course.

You will learn

  • How to do more with less gear, much faster

  • How to get yourself and your buddy out of a crevasse with simple rope systems

  • Review more complex scenarios such as rappelling and ascending into and out of a crevasse.

  • Many more skills that build towards making you a competent asset the next time you rope up for a glacier based adventure.

Of course, video does not replace in-person instruction, but it does cost less and is extremely convenient to watch it again and again until the skills are second nature.

Additionally, Mark Smiley is available to directly answer your specific questions. It is a personalized and safe learning environment, where the one goal is to make you ready to rock your next glacier adventure with style.

Course curriculum

  • 01

    Crevasse Rescue Intro

    • Coarse Intro

  • 02

    Roping Up For Glacier Travel

    • Rigging Yourself

    • 3 Rigging yourself butterfly

    • 4 Self Arrest w: Skis and Snowshoes

  • 03

    How To Save Yourself

    • Self Rescue w/ Ascender

    • B_Texas Prussik w Micro Traxion

    • C_Texas Prussik Kliemheist

    • D_Texas Prussik complete

  • 04

    Crevasse Rescue for Climbers A to Z

    • Main Crevasse Rescue

  • 05

    Indoor System Explanations

    • 5.00_Progress Capture 1080

    • 5.1_Crevasse Rescue Friction Hitches 1080

    • 5.2_Crevasse Rescue two setups 1080

  • 06

    Crevasse Rescue for Skiers

    • Intro to Skiers Crevasse Rescue

    • 6.1_Backyard Crevasse Rescue Intro

    • 6.2_Crevasse Rescue Build Anchor 1080

    • 6.3_Crevasse rescue Rappel and prep lip 1080

    • 6.4_Crevasse Rescue Rig Victim Reascend 1080

    • 6.5_Crevasse Rescue Haul 1080

  • 07

    Bonus: Rigging a Sled for Glacier Travel

    • Rigging a Sled

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About the Instructor

Mark Smiley has been climbing, skiing, and guiding for the better part of this life. His passion for adventure has taken him around the world. 5 Denali expeditions, and 20+ expeditions to places like China, Peru, Ecuador, Across Europe, Canada and Alaska, have given Mark a ton of experience to draw from.

He and his wife are the only people in the world to have climbing on all 50 Classic Climbs of North America (48 successfully). Additionally, he was part of a team to set a world record skiing across the entire Alps Mountain Range in a mere 36 days.

His teaching style is fun, concise, and easy to understand. As an IFMGA Certified Mountain Guide, he is among the world's elite guides to reach this status. More important than this certification, is his candid style of conveying to you the best of the best information and techniques that will really help you. Through this course you will tap into his expertise, skills, and knowledge for real-world learning.

You can interact with Mark via his website: smileysproject.com
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